Thursday, December 18, 2008

House near Champoeg, Oregon

Champoeg, pronounced "Champooey" is a bit of paradise just south of Portland, Oregon. An area that was almost a part of Canada.

Drummond Ave, Vancouver, BC

I was told by a resident that the evergreen growing in a hollow in this tree is a parasite.

French Prairie Rd, Champoeg, Oregon

This dead tree on French Prairie Road reminded me of the scary trees in some of the Walt Disney movies that I saw as a child.

Walbran Park, Oak Bay, BC

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Farm near Derby Reach, Fort Langley, BC

Trimming branches to keep them from arching over the road has left these wayside trees reaching far into the farmer's field.

St Petersburg, Florida

This Banyan tree is just outside the Saint Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. I sketched it during a break of the Creo Users Association Conference where I was presenting on digital halftone screening technologies.

Tent Site 25 Dashpoint State Park, Washington

For a couple of years we would camp at Dashpoint State Park just south of Seattle on our holidays. The first year, while eating pizzas at the local Godfather's, Princess Diana died. The next year, same Godfather's, John Kennedy died. We decided not to go there anymore. We didn't want to be responsible for any more famous person's death.

Just a tree and rocks

Chaussée de Waterloo, Belgium

I sketched this while waiting for the bus to take me to Brussels for some business meetings. A perk of being employed by an international company (Creo Inc.).

South of Arundel, England

Tent Site 31 & near Champoeg, Oregon

One of our favorite camping spots. It's designated for a camper-van, and we only have a tent. What the heck! The site is wonderful!

Whytecliff Marine Park, Vancouver, BC

Butteville, Oregon, USA

Butteville (pronounced Beaut - ville) is not quite a village - more just a coffee shop about a half hour's bike ride from the campsites at Champoeg State Park.

Near Champoeg State Park Oregon

Thursday, November 27, 2008

4608 W 13th Ave Vancouver BC Canada

Chinese Cemetery, Harling Point, Victoria, BC

Within a ten-minute walk from our home is an historic Chinese Cemetery at Harling Point in Oak Bay – a suburb where Chinese were once not allowed to buy residential property. It is anchored by a rather daunting looking ceremonial altar which looks out onto the Straight of Georgia.

Pevensey Levels, East Sussex, England

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Caufeild Park, West Vancouver, BC Canada

Abandoned - Pt. Roberts, Washington, USA

Olema Ranch N California

Sketched in what was once a fabulous campsite just north of San Francisco. Sadly, fallen into disrepair by the current owners.

Our Leica - 1993-2006. We miss her very much.

Caufeild Park, West Vancouver, BC Canada

Yes, that is the correct spelling of Caufeild :-)

Park tree in New Westminster, BC Canada

I sketched this the same day and area that I sketched Blake Matthews (shown elsewhere in this blog)