Thursday, November 27, 2008

4608 W 13th Ave Vancouver BC Canada

Chinese Cemetery, Harling Point, Victoria, BC

Within a ten-minute walk from our home is an historic Chinese Cemetery at Harling Point in Oak Bay – a suburb where Chinese were once not allowed to buy residential property. It is anchored by a rather daunting looking ceremonial altar which looks out onto the Straight of Georgia.

Pevensey Levels, East Sussex, England

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Caufeild Park, West Vancouver, BC Canada

Abandoned - Pt. Roberts, Washington, USA

Olema Ranch N California

Sketched in what was once a fabulous campsite just north of San Francisco. Sadly, fallen into disrepair by the current owners.

Our Leica - 1993-2006. We miss her very much.

Caufeild Park, West Vancouver, BC Canada

Yes, that is the correct spelling of Caufeild :-)

Park tree in New Westminster, BC Canada

I sketched this the same day and area that I sketched Blake Matthews (shown elsewhere in this blog)