Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Threatened Garry Oak tree - Chadwick Estates, Oak Bay, BC

At 1972 Fairfield Road on the leafy residential borderland where Victoria meets Oak Bay, a heritage garden has been ripped apart by diggers and earth movers in preparation for the building of five houses in "Chadwick Estates." In the very back corner of the original garden, well out of sight of the road and the public, stands a uniquely beautiful mature moss-adorned Garry oak with spiralling branches and an amazing hole passing right through one of its stately limbs. The oak stands with an ominous disfiguring red X on its trunk, a sign that marks it as a prospective victim of the chainsaw.


Anonymous said...

I fondly remember that tree and i must say that the previous owners had known of the greed of their children they would have taken steps to protect that tree and the property that it sits upon.They were private people who fiercely guarded their beautiful gardens from public scrutiny. Its a sad day when a tree of such unusual beauty is threatened for the almighty dollar.

chadster said...

Thank-you anonymous(e) for your comment. There is nothing to do with greed of the children, as I am one of those children. As a young child I played in that particular tree almost daily, building a tree house on the left upward limb. As a child I also watched the development, and subdivision of properties on all sides of my parents property, driving away the quail, deer etc.. Which piece of property do you own? Although, the Garry Oak in question has the green light to be taken down, we have left it standing, as it is a beautiful old Garry, and all agree it would be wonderful to keep it standing, building a house to compliment it. As for you, Anonymous(e) I knew my parents far better than you ever could, and before I ventured out East, my dear Mother was encouraging me to build on the front lawn. So please, stop your lies. As an aside, that lot also happens to be for sale, so why not put your money where your mouth is? If I had any desire to move back West, that would be my choice. As for the Pritchards, I do appreciate your concerns, and your art. However, as in art, every picture tells a different story.............all in the eye of the viewer.

Gordon Pritchard (a.k.a. gordo) said...

To Chadster,

Because you live in Ontario, you may not be aware that there was a wonderful art exhibition – Oaks in Peril, hosted by Tree Watch Victoria and held at the Serious Coffee Shop on Oak Bay Ave. It's where I found out about the tree on your property.
Some information about the event is available here: http://treewatchvictoria.blogspot.com/2009/06/oaks-in-peril-art-show-moved-to-serious.html

best, Gordon Pritchard